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A night of family fun and alcohol-free celebration! Details to come! RSVP here!

We’re hosting a live ice sculpture carving, one at 4 pm (to 6 pm) and another at 6 pm (to 8 pm). Help us decide which ice sculptures to make! We’ll take the top four ideas that you upvote here, and then have a live audience cheer at the time of the ice carving to choose which of the top ideas becomes a frozen reality! You can submit your own ideas for what will be a 40″x40″x10″ block, but we will have to pre-approve it to ensure it’s actually feasible for the sculptors! Vote here!

One Response to “First Night Out – Community New Year’s Event!”

  1. Avatar of Lynne Lynne says:

    It’s no good if it doesn’t ring in the new year like First night Boston.  4 to 9 is a waste

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